More About.. Me!


I am currently a third-year student at the University of British Columbia, enrolled in a BASc of Electrical Engineering. My interests have primarily led me into a more hardware-focused career path, as I thoroughly enjoy the hands-on work which lets me feel more engaged in my efforts. 

I have had the pleasure of working  for eight months as a Product Engineer at IFD Technologies, where I was engaged with a variety of mechanical and manufacturing work.

Additionally, I had the pleasure of working for four months as an Electrical Designer at OTTO Motors, where I was involved in designing PCBs/Harnesses and an abundant of hardware testing.

I was also part of the design team UBC Sailbot, where we build autonomous sailboats to set on unthinkable journeys. I work with the Electrical Team, within the Power-System sub-team where we focus on proper utilization of power.

Below are some of my favorite pastimes outside of academics and work!

On days with good weather, I like to hike and explore the beautiful nature of British Columbia. There are many that I have yet to experience, but I'm ready for each and every one of them!

I adore playing sports. During secondary school I participated in Volleyball, Badminton, and Ultimate teams. My passion for Ultimate Frisbee grew quickly and later that year I played for a year in club team - 'Voltage'.

One hobby that I have been very devoted to is weightlifting. I enjoy keeping my physical health in shape and throughout the years I have found a warm comfort in going to the gym. 

A musical hobby of mine is the piano. I have been playing since I was young, but rediscovered a passion for playing purely for enjoyment. As of now, I am deeply intrigued with the world of classical pieces and am expanding my repertoire in that genre. 

In the seasons of winter, I like to hit the mountains and snowboard. Going down hills and slopes gives me the greatest feeling and it's what makes me so fond of snowboarding.

Hope you enjoyed!

Please reach out if you have any questions!