OpsAware Assembly Audit

The Challenge

IFD Technologies is developing their new digital product line and needs to perform an audit to understand everything around the assembly: Build of Materials, Visual Assembly Instructions, Required Tools, and every Mechanical & Electrical specification for installation. 

The Assembly

This is one of the assembled digital products that I worked with. Since most of the assemblies were out-sourced, IFD Technologies needed to understand the framework of the products to build the rest of their resources.

The assemblies were composed of both mechanical and electrical components. There were many specifications and requirements to list and create a proper outline around assembling the products.

Performing the Audit

In each step of the audit, we focused on the following actions: 

What I learned

I learned that there is abundant of work that goes around developing a new product. I was able to improve on my skills in more hands-on environments, and developed an understanding on the verification of products. Furthermore, having worked with the digital line has given me insight on how complex they can be when compared to something purely mechanical.