Projects & Work

Below are the Projects and Work of my journey in Engineering.

A start-to-finish PCB and harness designed to extend the encoder connections from the motors of the OTTO 1500 series robots.

A game involving the participation of two players competing to win points off correct contact with the capacitor plates which is determined by differing sounds. 

Reworking and improving the autonomous sailboat "Raye" of engineering design team UBC Sailbot in preparation for her launch. 

A view into my exploration with different CAD software, learning to design and model with curiosity.

An autonomous robot that detects and collects coins in an outlined area, active until a total of twenty coins are retrieved.

Auditing the assembly of the digital product line to update existing drawings and create work instructions.

Implementation of a Reduced Instruction Set Computer on an FPGA using Verilog through ModelSim and Quartus.

Temperature Logging Sensor

A digital thermometer that serially transmits temperature and generates a strip chart to present values in real time.