CAD Modelling


In my own time, I like to play a bit around with various CAD software and explore their capabilities for 2D and 3D modelling. Below are  some of the models that I have worked or am currently working with. 

Fusion 360

Sculpting Tool

This tool was made for individuals with disabilities associated with sculpting. The goal was to make it have a variety of functions, while also keeping a good level of ease of use. This model gave me insight on how to design for stakeholders needs.


General Floor Design

This layout is a standard floor plan with ordinary house amenities. This drawing helped me explore the aspects in 2D modelling and to view how floors would generally be designed.


Surface Modelling with a Mouse (WIP)

The mouse was made to explore advanced surfacing techniques and improve on my SolidWorks. While working through, I learned various types of techniques that are often used to model objects of similar complexities.


I learned more about the capacities of CAD software and the complexities in models that they can accomplish. During these ongoing times, I am able to further my CAD skills and learn more about how each software operates.